The Peruvian government and SERNANP encourage and promote scientific research related to natural resources and environmental issues. The regulations for research conducted inside a protected area must respect the objectives of conservation, the zoning and the conditions established on the Management Plan of the protected area.

Furthermore, investigations inside a protected area should increase knowledge and/or propose a solution to problems related to biodiversity conservation that will permit SERNANP to manage the park in a more efficient or effective manner.

According to the Management Plan of Manu National Park, research activites inside a protected area should aim to:

  • Promote Manu National Park as a centre of research with national and international standards, offering infrastructure of high quality.
  • Systematize the data and publish the results.
  • Value traditional practices of natural resources use.

The investigations inside Manu National Park are made under certain conditions given by SERNANP, which can be found in the following links:

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